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Students and teachers utilizing the Eye of the Falcon curriculum have access to the Eye of the Falcon web site. The web site features information pages containing detailed background information on avian taxonomy, evolution, migration, ecosystems and biomes, species descriptions, research project descriptions, the technology scientists have developed to study animal movements, and much more. The web site caters to a wide range of computer and reading skill levels by providing guiding questions at the bottom of each page and multiple links that allow users to investigate a topic at increasing levels of sophistication.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Eye of the Falcon web site is access to satellite tracking data that have been collected over the past decade for a wide range of species, as well as tracking data from ongoing projects in near real-time. Students can use our web-based GIS software to generate maps to examine the relationships between animal movements and a wide range of landscape and environmental variables. A step-by-step tutorial is also available on the web site to guide people through the use of GIS.

A variety of additional resources are available on the web site for teachers using the curriculum. Those teachers who purchase the full EOF curriculum will be able to access all curricular materials in PDF format, including units that are continually updated as new tracking projects are added to the program. They may also download PowerPoint presentations for each of the tracking projects, which will provide the students with an exciting introduction to each of the projects.