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Connecting Classrooms Across the Globe

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Bird migration is an awe-inspiring phenomenon that may serve to connect students across the globe, as they exchange information about the birds they share. The protection of migrating animals often depends upon cooperation across international borders, and provides opportunities for scientists, educators and students to work together to learn about and protect these precious natural resources. The Eye of the Falcon curriculum is being introduced in several different countries around the world, allowing students from around the globe to exchange information about themselves, their cultures, and the migrating birds they share.

Pilot programs have been initiated in Israel, Palestine, and Chile. A three-way e-pal exchange was established between a Palestinian and an Israeli school, and a school in New Jersey. In addition, the program is being used by a small school on the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile, where we are collaborating with scientists who are tracking Pink-footed Shearwaters. Students from Tacoma, WA (where the Shearwaters migrate to), will communicate by e-mail with the Chilean students with the help of their Spanish teacher. Plans are underway to establish similar sister school programs between the U.S. and a variety of other countries, allowing students around the globe to exchange information about their cultures, environments, and the migrating animals that know no political boundaries.