Jenny and Stew Somers

Jenny and Stew of Pocomoke, Maryland have been volunteers and friends for nearly three decades. Jenny is a Chincoteague native and a gifted naturalist and artist. Stew is a multi-talented craftsman who has refined wallpaper to an art. Their love of peregrines brought us together and their contributions to our surveys over the years are too numerous to mention. In the field their keen eyes and skill in handling and processing captured falcons have greatly added to our success. Stew’s aptitude has elevated him to co-investigator status when our needs and his availability coincided. Jenny was the commissioned artist of a Greenland Peregrine Falcon Survey painting and set of limited edition prints of a peregrine at its Greenland eyrie. Both Stew and Jenny’s talents in the kitchen have given us the strength to endure the rigors of daunting field seasons. We thank them for their thousands of hours of service to the peregrine so freely given, and most of all for the gift of their friendship.