Lou Woyce (1928-2009)

Lou was one of the very finest falconers, trappers and falconry equipment makers of his generation. He first captured peregrines at Assateague in 1954 after his return from Korean War service. Lou generously volunteered his time to work alongside Bob Berry and Scott Ward during the early years of our Peregrine Survey. On retirement Lou and his wife Sandy moved to a South Point home overlooking the north end of Assateague, and he renewed his association with the Survey. A fixture in Survey trucks through the autumn before his passing, Lou’s sharp eyes, steady hands, wisdom and good humor contributed immeasurably to our results. In 2004 the Survey honored his 50th anniversary of peregrine work at Assateague in a celebration held at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge’s Bateman Visitor Center. We were proud to call him our friend, and his physical presence will always be missed. Lou deeply believed in the importance of our work, and for that we are doubly grateful; the resources that presently enable the Assateague Survey’s continuance are donated in his memory.